Printing Presses Are Giant GPUs
The more I learn about printing presses, the more they seem like giant GPUs.
Jittering Fonts in Photoshop with Prime Pussify
A Photoshop script for randomizing per-character font attributes on text layers.
Stable Filtering  —  Part 2
How to make a filter than can be implied an infinite number of times without producing artifacts and remain nearly indistinguishable from the original image.
Stable Filtering  —  Part 1
How to make a filter that can be applied millions of times without producing artifacts.
How to get clang++ to find link.exe
As of version 8.0.0, clang on Windows requires some gyrations if you want to tell it where link.exe is located.
A fully interactive story about the criminal underworld of 1930s New York City and the prosecutors charged with bringing them down.
Meow the Infinite
The feline space opera you’ve been waiting for, presented in serial comic form.
Handmade Hero
A complete, professional-quality game and engine, coded from scratch on a live stream.