I’m Casey Muratori.
This is my home page. I am a programmer who specializes in game engine research and development.
For press or business inquiries, you can contact me via Molly Rocket's business e-mail.
I’m working on 1935.
It’s an upcoming interactive narrative game about organized crime in 1930s New York, and I’m writing all the code for it. I also host Handmade Hero, an educational series that teaches low-level game programming techniques by example, and maintain the back end and content management system for Molly Rocket’s web sites.
Previously, I did game technology R&D.
My past projects include The Granny Animation SDK, Bink 2, and The Witness. Thanks to the widespread adoption of Granny and Bink, my code has been used in literally thousands of games, including many high-profile franchises from the past two decades, such as Age of Empires, Ultima, Guild Wars, Destiny, Gears of War, and many others.
My past research contributions include the n-way linear quaternion blend and related techniques, the immediate mode graphical user interface (IMGUI), and geometrically optimized GJK. My current research interests include interactive fiction, concurrent computing, and low-overhead operating system architecture.
I am currently working on 1935 and Handmade Hero.