Killing the Walk Monster (2018)
I was able to recreate the lecture using simultaneous translation recordings I’d forgotten existed. A much more watchable version than BICFest’s is now available:
In 2018, I gave a general-audience lecture at Busan Indie Connect that detailed the player movement system I developed for The Witness. It was a follow-up to the Walk Monster article I wrote in 2012 detailing my first steps toward making the player movement more robust.
The final movement system shipped in The Witness used several novel algorithms to provide real-time, precomputation-free, provably robust player movement. This lecture gives the motivation behind the system, an overview of its implementation, and examples of how it is used in both the game and the editor:
Unfortunately, their A/V setup for recording the audio seems to have been horribly broken. I’m not sure what they did, since it was easy to hear me in the actual lecture hall. The recorded audio is extremely quiet and echoey, even though it didn’t sound anything like that in the hall itself. I can only assume they weren’t very experienced with how to record from a sound board, and just recorded a completely incorrect mixdown :(
Due to how bad the audio is, I may try to re-record the lecture myself. Please link primarily to this page, not the YouTube video directly, so I can update this page with a different video if I create one with clean audio.
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