By Casey Muratori
In 2016 I was invited to speak at Papers We Love’s inaugural conference. As the sole representative of the game industry at the conference, for the lecture topic they requested that I look back at my programming career and discuss how research either did or did not play a significant role in inspiring interesting game technology work.
I selected Marching Cubes, Quaternions, and A Fast Procedure for Computing the Distance Between Complex Objects in Three-Dimensional Space, with a brief reference to Karl Sims’s Evolved Virtual Creatures, as the research papers to discuss:
As suggested by the finale, Marching Cubes played an integral role in the solution to the robust player movement code I developed for The Witness. I have not given a talk explaining how, but I’m sure I will get to that eventually :)
I am currently working on 1935, Meow the Infinite, and Handmade Hero.