Lister Panel Demonstration
By Casey Muratori
I am temporarily slammed with work this week due to a time-critical Linux project that came up unexpectedly, so unfortunately I did not have time to write a full Witness Wednesday. What I did have time for, however, was recording a video of the Lister Panel in action, which is something I originally wanted to post with the first Lister Panel installment, but couldn’t due to spoilers.
Yes, since the Lister Panel is capable of seeing a great many things, the original video I had recorded for demoing it to the Witness team had a few too many spoiler moments in it, where potentially people could see the locations of things or hints about what things were, and we didn’t want to ruin anyone’s play experience. But I finally got around to firing up the Witness machine and recording a video in CaseyTown where there are no spoilers, so here is a quick demo of the Lister Panel, the UI element whose code I’ve been detailing for the past few weeks. This should help give you some perspective on what the code does when it’s all put together:
Until next week…
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